"Let us design something better"

    Kshatriya Designs (since 2009) is a graphics designing company started by KM Kshatriya (K) to do freelance works in the field of graphic design and animation. This website is created to display the portfolio of the designs made by Kshatriya. Besides the fact that the company uses only open-source alternatives, it is capable of producing stunning graphical effects meeting the industrial standards, because of its inherent artistic skills.

    Designing something better and hence earning the customers delight is our honest goal.If the works of K seems appreciative, kindly post your projects here. The success of an artist lies in his customer satisfaction rather than his own. Here are the creative skills that you were looking for so long and let us join hands to create a new world of Art.

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"Designing with a passion"

    I am KM Kshatriya (K). I have completed my B.E. in Mechanical Engineer from a reputed institution in India, with 80% of marks and no history of arrears. I have done innovative projects in Robotics and pump designs during my course. And I have achieved various awards and appreciations in both studies and extra curricular activities throughout my academic period. 
I have deep, creative and valuable knowledge in Mechanical Engineering design softwares and I have also gained valuable Industrial experiences from various Mechanical industrial Gaints. I have 3 years experience as a programmer analyst in a leading multi national IT corporation. During my service, I have gained valuable experiences in different type of programming languages and IT work flow. I have created many innovative solutions and tools to automate manual efforts and have won best Employee awards and client appreciations for my innovations and successful project completions. I have experience working for different range of people from IT gaints of United States (From Corporate) to normal people from different corners of the world (From Freelancing).

    I am also an artist with more than 20 years of experience in graphic designing and illustrations. I am a sincere learner of emerging technologies. I am also an expert in the field of computers and I can create anything ranging from icons to animations, programmes, tools etc.. that can be practically created using a computer . To be short I am an Illustrator, Animator, Graphic designer, Programmer, Mechanical Engineer and a Researcher with valuable experiences in all these fields. Practically I can design any product (Hardware or software), analyze, manufacture it from scratch and market it with impressive presentations and graphics through a website. I am more.

    I love all my works, no matter whether it is good or bad to others eyes. According to me, for a hard worker, there is no word called failure in his dictionary. I have always delighted people arround me with my Art works and intelligence. I have spent a best part of my life in designing and now I really want to achieve something in it globally. I wish to show the world what the best I can do by being honest and uncorrupted. I am just someone trying to succeed through knowledge and will. I like to do freelance works on interesting projects for decent people. I would love to have friends from all over the world.

KM Kshatriya
16th August 
B.E. Mechanical