Frequently Asked Questions

I want to do some designs for my business, like logo, banners, etc. What would be the charges for them?
It differs based on the requirement of your designs. Please refer the Services page for the charges and package deals. Or drop a request here or through mail.
 2 Can I get a mockup or sample for my concept or project from Kshatriya Designs?
ANS: No. Free samples or mock up requests are not entertained by Kshatriya Designs. However paid sample works can be  considered. Refer portfolio for past works.
Are revisions accepted in the designs? Will there be additional charge for each revisions?
ANS: Revisions are accepted till the client's 100% satisfaction is achieved. Revisions are mostly avoided by establishing a 100% clarity in the requirement at the initial analysis stage itself. The revisions are almost eliminated by sharing rough drafts and sketches, so as to be in phase with the client's expectations. Even then if there are any small changes required in the finally achieved work, it will be done without extra charge. But if the changes required are more complicated and demands more efforts then an extra payment will be charged based on the efforts required for making the revisions.
How do we get started with our project with Kshatriya Designs?
ANS: First you can place your request here with the details of your requirement. And based on this we will start discussion on how best the project can be completed successfully. And after discussion, based on the interests at both the ends, if you agree to award the task, then you may choose our profiles from any one of the Freelancing Portals (like Freelancer, Elance, Odesk, PPH etc..). The choice of the portal is open to your interests. If you do not have account in them then you might have to sign up and then invite Kshatriya Designs for your project. Kshatriya Designs freelancing profiles on the various sites can be found at the Bottom right corner of this site. 
Why should I sign-up freelancing portal for hiring Kshatriya Designs? Can't we communicate through mails and pay through Paypal?
ANS: Because of the advantages and securities offered by the freelancing portal, it is safe and better for both the ends to proceed through a freelancing portal. Also Kshatriya Designs does not accept payment through Paypal or any direct mode of payment. From the past experiences carrying out the task through the portals are the only best way to track the project completion. Hence projects are accepted only through freelancing portals.
Why should I pay extra for the freelancing portal for project fees and account setup, while I can do them for less price through direct communication?
ANS: For this reason, choose your convenient freelancing sites. Posting projects are free at some websites and it is one of the best way when compared to other direct approaches. It is easy and safe for completing your projects. And you can use your paypal account to pay Kshatriya Designs at these freelancing sites. For quick access click the 'HIRE ME NOW' link on this site's sidebar.
Does Kshatriya Designs have affiliates with Freelancing sites to recommend it?
ANS: Kshatriya designs has enrollment in some affiliate programs, but it is not the reason for it to recommend freelancing sites. Infact, some sites has no affiliates programs inorder to avoid these doubts and other spammers. Kshatriya Designs recommends a freelancing site only because it wants to be more transparent with its clients. If the project's addition charge of few dollars doesn't matter to you, then you may choose any freelancing portals for hiring Kshatriya Designs. Kshatriya Designs quality of service has no difference based on the portals.
Will I get the copyrights for the final work?  Will there be an additional extra charge for it?
ANS: You will get the right to use all the works that you have fully paid. All the works done by Kshatriya Designs are copyrighted to Kshatriya Designs by default. And you will receive permissions to use them once you have paid. Even if the full rights are transferred to you, Kshatriya Designs holds the rights to show them at its portfolio. Other then the portfolio copy your work will not be reused or resold by Kshatriya Designs.
What happens if I want to quit in the middle of the project because of different reasons? 
ANS: Yes, You are free to call-off an assigned project anytime. But at each stage of the project's progress you should release a nominal milestone payment. At the middle if you choose to end, you are free to say goodbye. But you should never reuse or reproduce the designs shared to you by Kshatriya Designs at any occasions, without required payment for the carried task. Violation of this will result in legal dispute from Kshatriya Designs.
10  Kshatriya designs seems to have impressive reviews and decent portfolio. Are these real or fake?
ANS: Everything that you find in this site related to Kshatriya Designs in terms of reviews and artworks are 100% genuine. Never copied or faked. They are earned through only honest means, sincerity and skilled hard work. However if there are any possible rumors about our genuineness it would have been some dishonest facts spread by some evil clients who had come with wrong intentions in online trade. Kshatriya Designs is always in action to search and sue those who tries to spoil the reputation of Kshatriya Designs. Incase if you come across any such contrary facts please mail them to Kshatriya Designs and help to hunt down these scams. In return you will be rewarded with priceless freebies of your choice.
11 To be honest I have a poor finance to afford artworks that I need. Can Kshatriya Designs help me with any possible discounts?
ANS:  Kshatriya Designs always understands the differences in the world and doesn't honor one's interest based on their richness, Everyone with an honest attitude and a noble heart are rich enough to afford Kshatriya Designs at their budget. But nothing will be done for free. Though there are discounts available for NGOs, Educational programmes and other charity purposes. Because Kshatriya Designs believes that something given for free doesn't has its value. Kshatriya Designs accepts low budgets but not cheap people. By cheap it means the people who are cheap in their attitudes. Other than that anyone with a perfect reason to deserve the work of Kshatriya Designs can afford it. Money is not everything in this world, it is worthless before love, affection and friendship. Feel free to post a request or contact Kshatriya Designs.